Poke Genie App Reviews

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Great app

Makes it a ton easier

Don’t ask for review

Don’t ask for review

Convenient for creating the best fighting and defending team

It’s an awesome app once you get used to the processes. I don’t upgrade nor evolve any of my Pokémon without first using this app to find their IV percentage. It also conveniently helps me to know what range of CP to look for and moves to estimate a Pokémon’s value. My favorite feature is the appraisal. It helps narrow down the percentage and allows me to see what a perfect 100% looks like.

Androids Version is Better

I love PokeGenie however the android version allows a overlay to be able to do everything in Pokémon go rather than having to screenshot every Pokémon and go to the app to add its appraisal. If you could implement that into the IOS version this would be 5/5 stars no question asked.

Great game super fun😺

I love this game the only thing is you can make smaller and bigger

Screenshots crop on iPhone SE for evolvable pokemons

I would rate this app 5 stars because its limited functionality is due mostly to the small dimensions of my phone, so it’s not entirely the dev’s fault, but wanted to warn other iPhone SE users that attack moves won’t be captured in screen shots when the Pokémon can be evolved. So you get an incomplete assessment of its capabilities, and I still haven’t found a way to manually input the moves and hit counts. The whole POINT of assessing a Pokémon is to do it while it’s young to see which ones you should spend energy evolving. (This lack of manual input is the only reason for the 4 stars.) Otherwise, this is a great app and super helpful.

Five stars

Five stars! I can’t upgrade to pro! I want to but the app keeps crashing when I try to! Help!

I phone

I have an iPhone so I have to take pictures and I don’t like that. My son has a different phone and his automatic which I like so let’s make the iPhone automatic. Thank you

Where is the “Lucky” update???

Your twitter says it’s out but mine doesn’t have it! Ran updates twice and nothing!


Have to take a screenshot and it goes your pics. I was trying to put on a Samsung s9 not apple

Good but...

This game is awesome But I just wish it could do more It’s just plain And super glitchy If you want a Pokémon reader that’s SUPER GLITCHY then get this, if not DO NOT BUY IT

Still not fixed...

“Delete all screenshots” hasn’t worked in months. I have to manually delete them.

Good app well ordered

Thank you so much for a simply good app.

Fastest I’ve ever spent money on an app

This app is simple and elegant and does exactly what it says it does. Absolutely worth using and upgrading to premium (I upgraded within a half hour of downloading).

Pretty accurate

Works great!!

Instant IV Checker

Android versions has instant IV checker included in free version. Need that for IOS

Simple and effective tool

This tool gets the job done quick. Just did the eevee community day today and this app made on the go Stat lookups a snap.

Great app

I have loved using this app over the past couple of weeks since I downloaded it. I used to have to spend what felt like years punching in numbers on IV calculator websites, but this cuts down the time spent immensely. I use the free version of the app and it works great for everything that I need. One thing that I think they could add could be some kind of mass evolution calculator to figure out what the quickest way to evolve all of your pidgeys or rattatas. All around amazing app though, great job to the developers!

Good for Learning IVs

Having just started learning about stats in Pokémon GO, this app was absolutely the easiest to use. I only tried a couple but this one wins hands down. Easy to use and understand. You still have to manually input some data but it’s not very much and it’s certainly streamlined and easy. Bought the PRO version worth it being AD free and the mass scan. TL;DR - Easy to use, Clean, Great for starting to learn IVs

This App works Amazing

Just wish I could find this paid version reviewers talk about

Pokémon Genius

Awesome ! Love the features

Calculations way off today!

I scanned my perfect iv pokemon and they were all off by 8%... whats going on??? They are perfect. All stats are read and are perfect. Something is wrong.. please fix or i will leave low rating...

Best IV checker!!

Best app for IV checking and much more. Totally worth the download and works great!

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Just missing a male/female and shiny male/female dex filters

This app is great, been using it to check IVs and keep track of my living dex progress. My only complaint is that it doesn’t seem to include options for holiday, gender, and shiny genders in the dex list. I think it would be super awesome if it kept a dex spreadsheet format of those that checked them off for you as you went instead you having to use a separate spreadsheet.


This app rocks! All you do is import a screen shot and it does the rest. I didn’t know I had a 100% IV Lugia until I used this app!

Excellent IV APP

Awesome app - updates fast w the game - can't play the game without it

Nothing but the best.

This app has performed great in both free and once I got the premium features. The iv indicator is great, easy and very nice to use with many features that make your experience better like screenshot deleter and with premium a auto background scanner that lasts for three minutes to tell you the iv(s) in app with a notification. The Pokédex gives you the best move sets and all variations. The race and gym simulator is hard to find a practical use seeing how raids in particular you should NEVER be doing by yourself. As well as it is very hard to put in the status of the enemy Pokemon. Everything has a use nevertheless and someone can use everything in this app. Everything can be improved and I would love to see a nest and current spawn location implemented in the future.

Works great

It’s very easy to use. You get plenty of features if you go with the free version (you can still check IVs via screenshot), but the paid version is more convenient, and not that expensive (it’s just over $3). It’s very easy to use, well worth the download.

5 outta 5

Very useful easy to use with any iphone. Exceeds my expectations of what I was downloading, most useful pokemon go add on app I have tried to date


It’s a simple app with easy instructions And gives me the information I’m looking for All in one go and set of going to a bunch of different places to keep the same and result

Could be better

My buddy’s can tell his in his app with out a screenshot yes it a galaxy phone but it’s the same app

The only thing missing is being able to do multiple accounts

Title says it all. Add that and it’s a 5 star app.

Fun but would be better

If it was an overlay it would be worth paying for this genie.

Poke genie

I never write reviews but I am now hoping you take this into consideration. I bought the paid version of this app really hoping for the “auto appraisal” feature to unlock, however that is not what happened. I’m very disappointed that android has this feature but iOS does not. Please try to implement this in the future if you can, it would make things so much easier for iOS users rather than bouncing back and forth between the apps just to appraise them. Once this is implemented in the game my 4 Star review will change to a 5 Star.

Great App - pretty much required for serious PoGo play

Is there currently any way to search for pokémon with legacy movesets in app other than looking at each one individually? it would be cool if you could see if a pokémon had a legacy moveset while scrolling through them. also since trading has added some new components to the game, there should be some way to input catch date and location. so you can search for pokémon like that.

Best game


just one thing missing

it would be key if the app auto-copied the IV results to the clipboard in a user configurable manner would save time for folks that like to label their pokemon the IV


I’m not sure why it doesn’t work the same way as the android version does, making it 10x more tedious, but I guess it’s a good app.

Excellent work

Keep up the great work!

07/27/2018 - iPhone 7+

Lucky Pokemon just came into play, and boom, an update a few days later. I love this app. As others have said, I’m not one to ever spend money on apps unless I see that it’s worth it. I bought the paid version and then bought the battle simulator even tho I don’t use it, just to show support for this amazing app. Currently at 4.8/5? That tells you enough right there! This app is so efficient, easy to pick up, and definitely worth it. Too bad N didn’t make an app themselves to take advantage of this capital! Lol. I love this app and how quick they do updates. Well deserved 5*.

ios overlay

This a great tells you the details you really need to know. I just wish it overlaid the game like on androids would make it a lot quicker instead of taking a screen shot of everything then switching apps. But other than that its an amazingly well done and usefull app for pokemon go players.

Great App

I’m a pretty hardcore level 40 trainer with almost 50 million XP. I find this app to be indispensable and I think that the pro version it totally worth it. Ymmv, but it works for me.


Great app, easy to use, I love it.

Lucky Pokemon?

When is the update coming to allow for the lucky critters?

Great app

Please update for lucky Pokémon.

Great app

But when is the update for lucky Pokémon coming?

exactly what i needed

much better than hand-jamming information into silph road’s calculator; really helps me keep track of what mons are worth powering-up/evolving

Love it just one thing

Add ivs and typing into battle simulator some of these teams make no sense

Amazing app


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