Poke Genie App Reviews

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Worth the upgrade

Spend the money for the upgrade. It's worth every single penny

It has a mind like no other

Really smart and fun to use, can be able to detect the Pokémon’s stats just with a screenshot and you’ll be surprised or disappointed with the results cause you will never know what you’re going to get

Pretty awesome

This app is sweet. It saves so much time and gives a ton of data. I got the paid version within about 5 minutes. Two thoughts I have. 1. It'd be sweet if you could set up separate folders or something. I have 2 Pokémon Go accounts and it'd be nice to be able to keep track of the Pokémon separately. 2. Exporting would be great. I'd love to be able to dump my data into a spreadsheet via a .csv or Google sheet. Other than that, leaves little to be desired. Keep up the good work!

Has trouble reading Pokémon names

This app (and I paid for the premium version) has trouble reading in a lot of Pokémon names. Its text recognition can't read marill and snubbull, for example.

Great app

Great app! And free!

Good iv app

Everything works great, kinda unclear controls but overall good. Wish we had a bubble to navigate inside the mobile game like android does

Suggestion for improvement

I gave it 5, but I would have gone with 4.5 if given the option. I would love to see a battle simulator with a team we put together ourselves. After 6 tries, I finally soloed a Machamp with a team I put together from a combination of your suggestions and the games. My MVPs ended up being a Ho-Oh and my only Lugia, neither of which were suggested by your app. Other than that, I love the app and the paid version is well worth the price!!!

Great! A few requests

Love the app! Requests... -Swiping sideways through Pokémon in the “my Pokémon” list would be nice instead of having to back out each time. -Auto image import AND delete (so once screenshots are imported the images get auto-deleted from our camera roll) -Being able to easily organize list in alphabetical order to compare same Pokémon types (since over time we find new ones and add them and they are far from the earlier ones and “tying” the name is when looking at multiple imports. Thanks!

So good

This is so helpful!!!!


I have been messing around with this app to see how accurate it is and it seems to be accurate within a certain window. There are several inconsistencies that make me wonder if it really works that good. I have weaker Pokémon that are higher % than my stronger ones that say “amazing” very inconsistent

Becoming inaccurate

At first it was decent, but now it’s missing the scan more than 50% of the time. It has a hard time scanning the dust when the dust is one of the most legible stats on the screenshot. the dev(s) of this app need to make an update and improve the scan. I am one of the few who paid for the premium version, but I am constantly having to manually enter the stats because the auto scan isn’t working!

Incredibly well thought out.

This is hands down the best companion app I’ve ever used. It is simple yet elegant in what it provides. They thought of everything.


This app is great and very useful. It definitely serves it’s purpose such as configuring IV, displaying stats, and many more. Although it comes a point when the app crashes once and it continues to crash from a few perspectives when using it. Sometimes it requires me to input a detail it missed to scan, it crashes. Sometimes I can’t even open the app at all. Also the active background scanning becomes disabled and the notification stops when taking screenshot of the Pokémon. I’ve tried to reinstall it but did not work. I restarted my phone and it worked, but having to restart often to resolve the problem is a hassle. Would definitely rate a five star without the constant crashing. Please fix it.

Why don’t we have in-app access?

Android users with this app don’t need to screenshot and then go to poor genie and upload it to figure out the IV’s - it does it from within PoGo. Why do we not have that option

I wasn’t asked to write this

Nobody asked me to write this review but this app is well worthy of a 5 Star review. Its sooo easy to get ivs and the new battle simulator feature is amazing!! It’s like having a Trainer Tips in your pocket on crack lol. No joke.


This is free? Amazing! It’s truly an excellent app.

Expect disappointment

Just switched to Apple from my android and this version blows. I had to pay to get half the stuff you get for free. Let alone you have to repetitively screenshot every Pokémon you want for stats. And since you have to screenshot, everything goes to your photos which you also have to delete if you don’t want to run out of storage.

Works well

Does exactly what you need it to, and some other stuff.

Very Effecient!

Works exactly as intended. Just screenshot and it does all the work for you without going to another website. Displays the IV's accurately and you can make it more accurate by adding the Appraisal info. There are a few occasions that it doesnt recognize the pokemon or CP and you to input it but it isnt much of a deal breaker since the app never crashes and works quickly. Overall very satisfied with this especially if you have a lot of pokemon that you havent checked IV's for and are too lazy to input info through a site. Do recommend the Pro features.

Great PkGO Companion!

Absolutely fantastic app that does exactly what it claims to do. Great for helping Trainers pick the right monstaer to use those stinking precious stardusts on!


Amazing app!!! I’ve been using it for a very longtime reliable and easy to use so very well designed would recommend it to anyone who needs an iv checker.


Paid Money because this app is awesome and they deserve it

Love it!

I love that poke genie tells you your Pokémon’s features!

Originally 5 stars , then 3, now 4...

I just updated the app and I see that sorting by damage output for attacking gyms has been restored (THANK YOU - that was the reason I dropped the app to 3 stars) but that feature is still not available for defending gyms. With that said, you only get 1 star back. I was pretty irritated when I noticed “damage output” had been removed, I use that A LOT. Seeing that it’s partially restored, I hope it’s safe to assume that removing them to begin with was only by mistake/glitch. 5 stars when I get that update restoring sort by damage output for defending gyms. Thanks.

Poke ginne

Amazing but few glitches like battle sim is a little off and it says granbull is a legacy but I just did the raid besides that it’s very good👍🙂

Too many unauthorized companies

When I downloaded this app, my phone security found six sites trying to download stuff to my phone. I deleted it immediately!

Only one thing I don’t like

I love this app I just wish there was an actual iPad version



I like to love it more. But it’s still awesome.

My brother has a android and I have the iPhone. And we both have this same app., yet his is more easier to use then mine. Why can’t you make it like the android version or better. Other than that I LOVE this app. Thanks.

iPhone user...

The app is very helpful when figuring out IV percentage of Pokémon... BUT, 7/10 Pokémon aren’t accurate IVs... after submitting a screenshot of my Pokémon it always says they have an IV of 60-72%. After I set appraisal of their stats it bumps up to 90-98%... my husband has an android and he’s able to link this app to his Pokémon Go app and his IV stats are accurate 9/10 times... it’s becoming a pain since I have well over 200 Pokémon that are all battle of the best... and I know they are IVs over 90% -.- fix for iPhone, please?

Poké genie

This is the best app ever 👍👌

Amazing Tool

As a semi-serious player who was only being held back by the time it would take to calculate these things, I love this app. It has allowed me to conveniently check my Pokémon’s overall potential with no fuss. It is absolutely usable as a free product, but offers real incentives to upgrade, and I’d highly recommend you do.

Life saver!


Pokemon strength

It tells me what i need to know,& fast!

Proactive updates!

Everything everyone else said is true about how great an app this is, but I wanted to highlight that the developer is very proactive in pushing updates to reflect changes in Pokémon GO. New Pokémon and new move sets appear in this app as soon as (or before!) They appear in PGO. Really great!

Update your iOS version

If it was the same version for iOS as android it would be rated 5 star. Hate having to do screenshots. With android version you don’t have to take screenshots

Fast response

When alolan exeggutor came out, this app was quick to respond with updated IVs and movesets. I thought it didn’t work at first as I was trying to modify the one I scanned yesterday but once I rescanned it, the app worked fine

Alolan Pokemon

Hi I love this app and have been using it for over a year and half. The alolan exeggutor dragon movesets need to be added. It said the update has been made to include it in addition to larvitar’s community day move but it’s not there. Thanks for all you do for our Pogo Community!

Nice app!

App works great!


The play store version is far superior with the ability to appear on top, taking screenshots in the IOS version is better having to manually entering in the calculator.


No tienes las nuevas formas de alola para registrar???? 🤨🤨🤨

Unknown charge

First of all I love the app because it's very resourceful and a great way to know how my pokemon has such details and attributes. Then I noticed I'm being charged of $4.36 from the app because I upgrade to the pro already and I thought it was supposed to be a one time order so why am I recently being charged?

Pretty good I guess

It works for gen 1 Pokémon and Some of the other generations, but not all. If it was updated to account for all that were implemented and keeps it updated I’d 5 STAR.

Only screen shots?

I was showed how awesome this app was on Android with having it grade your Pokémon immediately on the Pokémon go app,. But on Apple you have to take screen shots every time you want an update or buy the $3.99 upgrade to have it as a notification.....

Great tool for deciding which Pokémon to evolve.

Great tool for deciding which Pokémon to evolve. Calculates the potential of each Pokémon, and shows you how powerful it would be after evolution, and what it’s max power would be fully powered up. Also compares to the best possible Pokémon of its type, so you can best use your candy and stardust.


The app is great! One bug I just noticed: hitting Support asks to open my PlantSnap app. :o

Absolutely Love it, but have some suggestions

I’m going to try to keep this short and simple I love everything your doing and the accuracy of the app for that 5 stars all day! But I have some suggestions/improvements 1.) I really want the ability to add multiple “favorite star colors” to the same Pokémon (for example any Pokémon I catch from a raid gets a purple star and any Pokémon I hatch gets an orange star) now I also give the green star to Pokémon with Legacy moves and the blue star to shiny Pokémon and I have shiny’s and raid Pokémon with legacy moves and so forth so I would love to be able to add multiple favorites to the same Pokémon. 2.) A feature that I like from pokérater is the fact that they have a button in the corner of their app that opens Pokémon go up I would love if you would add a button like that as well. Other than those 2 suggestions I live what your doing keep it up! Would really like to see the first suggestion happen the soonest, thanks!

Screen shots

Good and useful app but can’t upload all the screen shots once

I love poke genie

Poke Genie is very useful to see how good your Pokémon so I really like to use it when I first got it I started to play on it

I don’t like it.

I thought it would be like free IVGO. It wasn't review said communicates with PokemonGo app but you have to take pics of every Pokémon. Really want my money back. $11.99 wasted.

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