Poke Genie App Reviews

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Very useful!!! But crashing.

This app is very useful!!! I check the IVs on all my Pokémon, and I transfer the ones that have very low IVs. I 100% suggest you get this!!! One problem. I’m not very bothered by this, but when I delete a scan, it leaves the app and crashes. It works fine when I go back into the app. Again, I’m not bothered by this. Just saying!!! ^v^ Thanks!!!

Love the app but needs automation

This app is by far the best IV calculator on iOS. However, other phone OS offer an automated experience but if Pokie Genie took advantage of iOS 12 new shortcuts this process could be way more automatic.

Love this app

Only wish is that one day people w Apple will be able to check ivs in app like android

Great app but...

I love this app however I wish the layout was the same for iPhone as it is for Android the interface is so much easier for checking Pokés on my old Samsung vs my iPhone 7+ otherwise the app is great.

Gen 4

Can’t put in gen 4 into pokegenie dex but many other people can!

What’s up

Your app was great. Now it doesn’t work. What’s up?

Rate the iPhone App, not some Android experience!

This app is clearly a labor of love and works fantastically. Much better than anything else - ON iOS - that is out there. It is painful to read the developer over and over having to defend the Apps proper elegant solutions to the security limitations of iOS when compared to Android. Nothing they can do about how Apple has things set up. Congrats on an exemplary solution to a challenging issue. Does what it says on the tin.

No Backup

I love this app, but I lost all my data because there is no backup support. Please add backup or at least export/import ability. I don’t want to add 400+ Pokémon by hand again.

Needs update

Calcy IV for Android was updated within a few hours of the Sinnoh release and CP rebalance. Where is the update for this app?

4 out of 5 because

Importing tons of photos is a little rough. It appears to only do this to iPhone users? The droid and Samsung people I know use the app and they have a nice overlay feature!

Most reliable

I’ve downloaded several other IV checkers on both the App Store and the Google Play store and I have to say that poke genie is the way to go. If there was any way the developers could implement the copying and pasting of the IV into the nickname of the Pokémon I believe it’ll truly be complete. I would also definitely recommend supporting the devs and going pro, the features are definitely worth it. Download this app, go pro, and build a great Pokémon team to raid and take down gyms with. 👍🏼

Great app!

This app is amazing and super easy to use!

Good app but...

This app is great and I have used it for 2+ years, and bought premium. It has been utterly amazing until very recently when the background screenshot scanning system only lasts for 10 seconds instead of 3 minutes. If this feature is fixed I will bring it back to what it should be, 5 stars.

In app purchase missing.

About 2 to 3 months ago I bought the poke genie pro. I didn’t really think it was worth the $3.99 after buying it, but I had spent the money. Last week my phone’s antenna went out and I had to get a new one. I logged into poke genie and the in app purchase was missing. I tried to go to app support but it sent me to twitter. I don’t have a twitter account, nor do I plan on getting one. If my in app purchase shows up again, I’ll change my rating, but until then, I’m disliking the app.


My husband has an Android with the same app and he can automatically check with no screenshots. I hope they can change that feature for iPhone users because I really love using this app to check my Pokémon.

Amazing app even the iPhone version

The android version is hands down superior with the overlay ability but iPhone doesn't allow that so this app is the best it CAN be.

Worth it

Love this app! It has everything you need. And the pay feature is definitely worth it.


Quick and easy to use!



Works better with android

It doesn’t work the same for android as with iPhone. It’s a different set up. I can’t get it to link to my Pokémon like it does with the androids.

Just a thought

It’s a good app to be honest but I wished it worked like the android version of it on my iPhone it’s kind of a hassle to screenshot it instead of the app just scanning the pokemon with one touch. I even bought the pro version of it hoping it would work like how it does on my husband’s phone.


Piece of crap app. On the iPhone it makes you screenshot every Pokémon that you have caught but on an Android Samsung it automatically gives you the information through the Pokémon game. 😡😡😡😡😡


Super user friendly, couldn’t be easier to use. Everything you need out of it

Best at what it does

Very useful, free, and non-invasive.


Not letting use check IV and it’s move thunderbolt move is missing from set moves!

Trash compared to android

On android, you don’t need to take a screenshot or exit the app and open another app to get accurate ivs. It is the best for iPhone though.


Got my new iPhone, switched from android. Sadly disappointed that I have to screen shot my Pokémon in order to view their iv.

Great App Very useful!

The app is great even upgraded to the pro awesome app very popular in the pokemon community. One thing i wish they can bring to the iOS version of the app is something that The android version has the iv button while playing pokemon go and the ability to show the same way it does on android i hate having to switch back and forth between apps. The iOS notification version is lacking i still have to go to app to be sure and see exact information

Limitations are unavoidable

I feel bad for the developers who have to suffer bad ratings from people who don’t realize the Android apps work more smoothly because Android allows overlays and more background stuff and iOS doesn’t, due to Apples more restrictive policies. Come on guys...


It’s so efficient and fun! I’ve only downloaded this game about 12 hours and I’ve been on it for about 10 hours! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars!

Background Notifications for IOS 12 an issue

I know Apple will only let you have the background app running for 3 minutes but in this newest update it’s down to 30 seconds. It’s a serious pain in the rear end. Please fix.

Love this app a lot.

Thanks for continued support and updates.

Great app but missing features others have

Please let us copy custom made names with IV info to clipboard! I love PokeGenie and I don’t want to switch over to another app : (

good but

why no in app widget like on android ?

This is so Cool

You can manage all your Pokémon by IV, date acquired, CP, & more. Now I just have to screenshot over 1,000 Pokémon to put in this app. 😕


Muy buena aplicación.

Pro version

The app works great. The reason I am leaving a bad review is because of the pro version. You have to buy the pro version for canning and battling so in totals its 7 bucks not 4. Just kinda lame you don't get both for the pro version.


Not to friendly having to take screenshots

It is helpful

Thank you for making this it is easier for me to see how strong my Pokémon are


This is an app I use daily and sometimes for hours at a time. And not because it is cumbersome—but because it is so helpful and allows you to manage your teams and even simulate raids with precision. It is wonderful and worth every penny of the premium price!


Just wish I didn’t have to take a screenshot for every Pokémon I wanna judge... it would be cool if it put iv and stats in name when u judged Pokémon!

Well Done

Really the best app out there for IOS. Lacks the game integration you get with Android/Calcy but with auto scan and notifications enabled you can achieve the same almost real-time result with leaving the game. I love this, the battle simulator I think does a way better job than in game suggested parties and the ability to mass delete old screenshots is suuuuuhweet. My only improvements would be doing things I think can’t be done - my biggest task is keeping my changing pokegenie dB in sync with my game. I hope that one day this will get easy :)

Gets the job done quickly

Great info from this app. Glad I paid for it!

Loved this app until....

I loved this app! It was easy to use and recommended it to my friends Then I got a new phone and had to download it again. It is totally different now. I have to take screen shots of every Pokémon I want appraised. It’s a pain in the butt now. Wish I could get the old one back.

Amazing App, Nothing Bad

It’s greAaaaatatttt

Love it and easy to use

Hope all accurate prediction. Good for poGo beginner like me, Works well. No slag. And free app that really works!!

Poke genie come on!

I’ve always used poke genie but for my old galaxy s7. Everything was free. I had the floating widget (which I get iPhones can’t do (get it together Apple)) I’ve paid for your app to get every possible option, but even with that money spent my background runtime is maxed out at 3 minutes? Why not keep it continuous if we paid for it? I mean that would help a lot especially on community days instead of catching for 3 hours to take a million screenshots and then go threw them all and bounce back and fourth between apps to dispose of them.

It will be so much better

Maybe it run in the background of the pokemon go app, please and thanks


This app is very accurate, extremely useful, and has saved me a lot of Stardust!! Highly recommended

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